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Scorri giù


Panorama  / breathtaking sunsets

Historical narrow streets / Handicrafts

Fish restaurants /the favourite ones restaurant Rocca Ja and restaurant Da Ugo/



    Castelsardo is a stunning historic town located on the northern coast of Sardinia. The old town, fortified with a castle, is a suggesting and atmospheric place to visit. Castelsardo is a  necessary stop on a tour between western Sardinia. Castelsardo is an attractive place full of the traditional restaurant, typical shops selling all kinds of Sardinian handicrafts and other souvenirs. It is the labyrinth of narow historical streets of the village with gorgeous view of the harbour. 


   Castelsardo has a dual centre - old town fortified by the historical walls of Castelsardo and the new town situated down nearer the seashore. There are all the new hotels and touristic apartments distant just a few steps from the beach. During the summer evenings the village comes alive with many festivals and events reflected old sardinian traditions. Many of the festivals and carnevals have been ongoing for centuries and says a lot about the Sardinian people and their traditions. You have unique chance to see the mangnificient sardinian costumes and traditions village crafts. 


     The markets are exposed typical products and local specialties. Castelsardo is famous worldwide for the production of the woven baskets. During the season in the narrow streets of the historical town you can see old women at work weaving the colourful baskets.


     The history of Castelsardo dates back to the Neolithic era, with the Paleo-sardinian culture. The most important archaeological remains of this period in the territory of Castelsardo include the Domus de Janas, literally House of Fairies, funerary constructions dug directly into the rock. 

     The original nucleus of Castelsardo grew up around the castle of the Dorias, which tradition dates to 1102, although it was probably constructed in the late XIII century. Today it is the seat of the lovely Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo (or Museum of the Crossroads of the Mediterranean), one of the most visited museums in all of Sardinia.

   All the shoreline of Castelsardo is made predominantly of high red bluffs, but there are some beaches too, including Marina di Castelsardo, at the entrance to town, and Lu Bagnu beach. Lu Bagnu is a small touristic centre more less 3 kilometres away. The beach of Lu Bagnu is a long sandy beach with crystal water protected by cliffs topped with green.