Emergency of Covid-19

Important informations

1/ Booking Polices


We would like to inform you about a new flexible conditions of booking with us. Please note that to book an apartment you are always requested to pay a non-refundable percentage of between 30 % and 50 % of the total, depending on the apartments and booking period.

For reservation for August and for all last-minute reservation during the summer guests are obligated to pay the total cost of the apartment. It is very imporntant for quick check in and less contact between any guests with reception.


We understand that it´s very hard situation for tourism this year. We know that you can have any kind of issue with your holiday - flight can be canceled, boat ticket changed, you can get medical symptoms or to find out positive test for coronavirus. We are ready to assist you in any kind of issue and we guarantee: 

  • Flexible arrangements: for example you can change your booking dates for free, you can change name of the reservation and number of guests for free /always if it fits with the period and conditions of the apartment/

  • You can get voucher for the amount you paid and you can use it anytime during next summer season

Thank you for your cooperation.​

2/ Properties with shared swimming pool


We would like to also inform you that all swimming pools in Italy are suspended by goverment ordinance for now. It´s not clear when will be reopen and with what limitations. Please note that for the moment we cannot guarantee any kind of exact date when the swimming pools will be open for summer season. We are still missing months and restictions can change week by week. We will keep all clients informated about restrictions and news regard swimming pools. Probably emergency of Covid-19 will not change before summer so please note that also during the summer months the rules can change by new goverment ordinances. We are so sorry about this situation and we hope that we will be able to open as last summer season. 

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Mgr. Veronika Jakubcova

+39 346 577 5975


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