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Bar - restaurant Sardynia

    One of the most enjoying aspects of your holiday will be the chance to explore the rich culinari history of the Mediterranean cuisine. Eating in Sardini means a wealth of strong local traditions, family affairs and plates of typical Sardinian cuisine in any restaurant on the island, from the simplest trattoria to the most luxurious restaurants. Is a reason to pass time with your family and friends, an occasion to discuss and argue, to laugh and tell the stories in pure italian style and is meant to be enjoyed. We have created for you a welcoming restaurant designed with the comforts of a typical Sardinian ambience. Our restaurant is the best place where to taste the best genuine dishes that our land and sea have to offer.


    The bar and the restaurant is situated in green area of Shopping Centre Sardinia. The complex of our restaurant has two floors. Downstairs you canf ind a bar available for a breakfast and a restaurant area open every day for a lunch. Upstairs is a swimmming pool where you can enjoy your coctail or just take a rest and sun after delicious lunch. There are sunbeds and it is free for our clients. The swimming pool is open from 10:00 am till 18:00 pm. Upstairs is also a restaurant area what we open for you every evening. We provide you to pass your dinner in romantic atmosphere of candles, alight crystal swimming pool and calm music. We are open every day from 8 am till 24:00. In the morning you can make a quick breakfast consisting of a delicious italian coffee or cappuccino and fresh hot croissants prepared every morning by our stuff. Throughout the day you can pass for any kind of refreshments, many type of coffees, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks as well, or itallian ice-cream. The point is to offer you a quick stop where you can enjoy your relax.


Our cuisine

    The restaurant Sardinia offer the traditional Sardinian meal of appertisers, first courses, usually pasta, main dishes, usually meat and fish and deserts. Our restaurant specializes in seafood, which are flown in from the Mediterranean sea. There are two faces of Sardinian typical plates: you can taste our  specialties of the land includes ingredients from agricultural and our home farming produts. Second choice is taste plates of the seafood what you will not easily forget. The fish and shellfist are always fresh with their natural flavours.


    The most typical Sardinian dish is reast suckling pig infused by myrtle leaves. It is roasted on a spit over a log fire during the 3 hours served on a rustic cork tray. You can make a reservation for that. Perhaps, Sardinian dishes vary from area to area, from our region is typical the soup from gallura and pasta called culurgiones stuffed with mint and potatoes. This unique kind of pasta we commonly served with tomato sauce, basil and a sprinkle of pecorino. Taste also the Sardinia bread, know as Pane Carasau, baked fresh daily which welcomes you at your table.


    Sardinian typical sweets is called sebadas and you can also try it ialways fresh and homemade by chef. It is made with two small fisks of pastry with a light, fresh cheeese in the middle. They are fried in extra-virgin olive oil and sered hot with local honey. The menu of sweets vary every day and there are just homemade typical Italian sweets of chef.





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