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Scorri giù

 Santa Teresa of Gallura is a lovely seaside resort located on the northern coast of Sardinia overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio. It belongs to the province of Olbia-Tempio and has 4600 inhabitants increasing to 15000 with summer tourism. It is an ancient town in the middle of a deep bay overlooking the most charming sea of Sardinia. The port of Santa Teresa is the point of departures and arrivals of daily ferries from Corsica and manyItalian cities.


    Santa Teresa is a modern touristic town full of colourfully-painted narrow streets with an amiable atmosphere. The historic center is built around the two main squares. The central square called Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is a large open pedestrian street full of busy bars, delicious restaurants, souvenir shops with handicrafts, coral and jewellery stores. On an upper terrace overlooking the square is situated the tourist information office where you can get a map and all information about the place. The other square is called Piazza San Vittorio. Also this square has various tourist shops and restaurants. During the summer evenings the village comes alive so it is ideal touristic destination for those who like to enjoy busy nightlife in the center. Santa Teresa organizes many festivals and events reflected old sardinian traditions. Many of the festivals and carnevals have been ongoing for centuries and says a lot about the Sardinian people and their traditions. You have unique chance to see the mangnificient sardinian costumes and traditions village crafts. The markets are exposed typical products and local specialties.

    Santa Teresa allows you to discover a new shore every day, there are many beautiful beaches of white fine sand around. The beaches of Santa Teresa are incredibly clean and varied with immense mountains dropping to the coves, sand dunes and quiently shorelines.


     On the north of the town is Santa Teresa's beach called Rena Bianca. It is beautiful sandy beach with an crystal emerald water, but quite small. During the summer this beach is almost always crowded.

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