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Breathtaking panorama

    Trinita D'Agultu is a small scenic village located near Isola Rossa at the north side of the island. It is a comune in the province of Olbia-Tempio only 5 kilometrs far away from the beach. Trinita has about 2200 permanent inhabitants. The village is approximately 350 meters about sea level. The comunity of Trinita D'Agultu consists Isola Rossa and Costa Paradiso. Trinita D'Agultu is an ideal strategic base for exploring the most famous places of the island. The central location provides a possibility to visit all desired destinations of Gallura as well as the region of Alghero.


  Trinita D'Agultu is full of narrow streets with traditional architecture. It has one small central square with a historical church. There are plenty of shops and typical restaurants. Other infrastructure and cultural facilities available in the village are a ATMS cash services, a bust station, a post office, a pharmacy, aparts of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. In the entrance of the village is a small shopping center with Italian fashion clothes.


    The idylic surroundings of the village have a complex of holiday houses made in traditional Sardinian style. It is set in a location which provides excellent views of the sunset over the village. On the highest part of the vilage we built the residence Pala Stiddata offering a gorgeous panoramic view of Castelsardo, Isola Rossa and coastline of Badesi. The main economical activity is of course a summer tourism. Trinita D'Agultu gets very busy in summer. Despite all the tourist traffic conccentrated in the village, there are some areas that remain quiate. Thus one will definitely find places to relax and enjoy a great view of the surrounding area. Many clients fell in love with the area, they are coming back every year and Sardinia has become their second home.




     Trinita D'Agultu organizes many festivals and events reflected old sardinian traditions. Many of the festivals and carnevals have been ongoing for centuries and says a lot about the Sardinian people and their traditions. You have unique chance to see the mangnificient sardinian costumes and traditional handicrafts.

Best restaurants



  For who wants to taste local food I highly recommend TRATTORIA DA PAOLINO. You can find the genuine homemade products of Paolino, such as the tasty extra-virgin olive oil and olives with typical bread called pane carasau. You start with a first plate called antipasto - incredible variety of cured, dried sausages, local salams, olives and cheeses. Then you can taste a fresh homemade pasta - usually two types. Last plate called in italian secondo is a small sardinian roasted pig. After dinner do not forget to drink italian espersso and digestive homemade liquors.  


     The distance to the nearest beach is about 6 kilometers - 5 minutes by car. You can choose between Isola Rossa - La Marinedda, Spiaggia Longa, orBadesi - Li Mindi, Li Junchi, Baia delle Mimose... Considered one of the most beautiful beaches is La Marinedda, characterized bz the transparency of its waters and the whiteness of its sand, which make it look like a tropic sea. Badesi beach is also very beautiful sandy beach, well organiyed and offers many options. The beach has several bars and sun beds. Sometimes Badesi can get bit windy, ideal for watersports lovers.

Spiaggia Longa - Isola Rossa - 6 km

Li Cossi - Costa Paradiso - 15 km

La Marinedda - Isola Rossa - 6 km

Li Feruli - Isola Rossa - 6 km

Li Junchi - Badesi - 6 km

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